Ready for Battle

Speaker: Dr Steven Francis
We are called to be ready in and out of season, especially in these end-times. Rivers of Life Apostolic Ministries presents four classic audio sermons of Dr Steven Francis to prepare God's remnant for battle. This series will equip you to be filled by the Spirit of The Lord as you discover that God is raising His sons and daughters in this hour. Grab your notepads and bibles as Dr Francis takes you on a Word-filled spiritual journey. Be Ready!
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The Speaker

Dr. Steven Francis is called to be a Prophet who carries an apostolic heart for the Church and the Nations. He is well respected by his peers as a man who walks in integrity and humility with the fear of the Lord. He teaches the Word with passion and authority as the Lord has anointed with revelation and spiritual encounters.

Dr. Steven Francis has been serving the Lord for 30 years and is in the full-time ministry since 1992. He and his wife Angeline founded the King's College of Prophets and Rivers of Life Apostolic Ministries in Singapore and in North Carolina, USA. More than 5000 pastors and 12000 leaders have been trained in various programs around the world.

As an author, Dr. Steven has published 13 books and many training manuals. The fresh "Word of the Lord" he brings has touched and healed thousands around the world through the various outreaches of the ministry. The Lord manifests in the meetings in tangible ways that heals and delivers the hearts of people present.